A New Age in Business

Something very special is unfolding on planet Earth. Humanity is waking up. This emergent paradigm is birthing a new economy with new sensibilities and radically different rules.

Employers offering mindfulness
Yogis and Meditators in the US

Markets Are Transforming

We have reached a tipping point. The Cultural Creatives market sector has passed the chasm in the consumer adoption curve into the early majority. One third of the US population are part of this emergent values-based mindset. Demand for authenticity, inclusivity, and human-centered values are causing revolutionary transformations in every market sector. Is your organization part of the new economy?

Who Will Lead the New Economy?

Now is the time for forward-thinking brands, influencers, media and entertainment companies, causes, communities, events, and prolific personalities to claim leadership positions.

Paper Lantern Builds Human Connections at Scale

Our mission is to help humanity wake up so that we can all thrive. Every human, company, cause, community, piece of content and every communication are relevant parts of the magical equation we call Life.

Paper Lantern is a human impact network. We build strategic partnerships and experiential campaigns (online and offline) that span like a mesh across the hubs and nodes of the new economy to create multi-dimensional value (people, profit, planet, purpose) for all parties.


Join the New Economy Movement

The path forward shines brighter every time an individual or an organization makes the decision to be the change you wish to see in the world.