About Paper Lantern

We build and scale companies that give humanity a brighter future.

Paper Lantern invests in and develops vertically integrated business portfolios in emerging markets, including the hemp, cannabis and blockchain industries. We believe the difference between billion dollar valuations and failure is planning strategically at an ecosystem-level, aligning with market-maker partners, and fostering a culture of innovation built on solid business fundamentals. We build businesses based on regenerative values and a collective intention that all stakeholders thrive. Together we shine a light on a brighter path forward for humanity.

Shifting from the "Me Economy" to  "We Culture"

The world is changing. Leaders of the new economy will emerge through ecosystem-level business models, that bring intentional values-driven go-to-market strategies and foster collective regenerativity.


Healthy businesses thrive in healthy ecosystems.

Media & entertainment are shifting humanity's story. Natural wellness is shifting our minds and bodies. Blockchain is shifting finance, technology and governance. All are key components of a healthy global regenerative culture.

Active Market Sectors

Media & Entertainment
Health & Wellness
Blockchain & Technology
eCommerce & CPG

Our Team Builds Leading Brands

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Meet the Team Leading the New Economy

Juston Brommel

Strategic planning, vision, partnerships. Successes: Thrive Market ($1B unicorn), Inbox Marketing (sold to Responsys / Oracle $1.6B)....

Kipp Stroden

Business development, partnerships, product development. Pioneer in superfood industry as CEO of Essential Living Foods (acquired by Nestle)....

Sean Klarich

Mapping technical solutions to business strategy, blockchain solutions, technical architecture, development, system administration, prototyping, and technical project management....


"Success in new economies is based on a deep appreciation for the value of life and reimagination of value chains into value networks."