What We Do

What We Do

We are a commercialization group that invests in and develops vertically integrated business portfolios in emerging markets.

Paper Lantern partners with companies and capital sources to create value and build transformative businesses.
Active Market Sectors
Media & Entertainment
Health & Wellness
eCommerce & CPG
Blockchain & Technology

Our team has participated in over $10 billion in transactions including: capital raises, M&A’s, IPO’s and ICO’s.

Why Work With Paper Lantern?

  • Leverage an experienced C-Team to structure and grow your business
  • Increase your valuation and reduce risk at key business milestones
  • Expand to new markets, increase EBITA and grow revenue
  • Prepare for exit, get guidance and support for ICO’s, IPO’s and private acquisitions.

How We Help Out Portfolio Companies Grow

Business Planning & Commercialization Strategy

Make sure you have the right plan and strategy to achieve your business objectives.

Entity Structuring

Corporate structure and governance is critical to smooth growth and exits.

Fundraising & Capitalization

Raise money strategically by sequencing capitalization cycle with ops plans that de-risk the investment systematically.

Product Market Fit

Rely on decades of experience to help find the most profitable segments of customers.

Audience Growth

Gain traction and achieve key milestones by synchronizing, marketing, media and data.

JV & Partnerships

Get connected to the right strategic partners, resources and, thought-leaders and influencers.

Cord Dev, M&A

Build your valuation through acquisitions of other businesses.


Prepare for a successful exit with the expertise to ICO, IPO or private sale.


Prepare for a successful exit with the expertise to ICO, IPO or private sale.